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GIFT OF THE DAY: Deluxe Peppermint Sticks

Soft peppermint sticks won’t hurt
teeth. Photo courtesy King Leo.


Here’s an inexpensive gift that every peppermint candy lover will cherish.

King Leo Candy makes succulent chocolate-dipped soft peppermint sticks just once a year, for the holidays.

Made with 100% pure peppermint oil, they’re very flavorful and melt in your mouth. There’s no hard candy cane to crunch at the risk of your dentistry.

Hand-dipped in luscious dark chocolate, the peppermint sticks are great for snacking, to garnish desserts or to serve with coffee or hot chocolate.

A 6-ounce box is $5.99; a case of 12 boxes is $70.00, at The minimum order is $25, or 6 boxes.

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