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GIFT OF THE DAY: Heat & Dry Dish Rack

Let hot hair dry your dishes. Photo
courtesy Bon Home.

Your hand-washed dishes will dry in 10 minutes on your countertop! All you have to do is press the “on” switch on this first-of-its-kind dish rack. Hot air will waft up from the bottom of the rack and dry the dishes.

The Heat & Dry Dish Rack from Bon Home is much faster and more sanitary than towel drying—and it’s whisper quiet.

  • No more towel lint, no potential breakage most of us have experienced when hand-drying.
  • It’s perfect for hand-washed items too delicate to put into the dishwasher—like fine crystal.
  • At $99.95 it may seem pricey, but use it daily for a year and the cost equates to 27 cents a day. We’d gladly pay that, never to have to hand-dry glassware again! Buy online at


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