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TIP OF THE DAY: No More Soggy Cereal

Want to avoid soggy cereal?

We find that our morning bowl of cereal, filled with milk, becomes soggy after three spoonfuls.

It occurred to us: Why pour milk over dry cereal? Why not use a glass of milk as a chaser?

We tried it, it worked, and now it’s our favorite way to eat cereal:

1. Fill a bowl with cereal plus any sweetener or fruit.
2. Fill a glass with milk.
3. Insert a spoonful of cereal into mouth. Crunch once.
4. Follow with a sip of milk.
5. Repeat until all cereal and milk are consumed.

Just because it seems unusual doesn’t mean that it isn’t a better way. After all, forks weren’t used in England until the mid-17th century, although they were introduced to the country in 1608 by an Englishman who brought them back from Italy.

Keep it crunchy: Follow a spoonful of dry
cereal with a shot of milk. Photo
courtesy PreserveProducts.com.

According to The History Of The Fork, the English ridiculed forks as being effeminate and unnecessary. “Why should a person need a fork when God had given him hands?” was the refrain.

So, learn a lesson from history: Try new things, as strange as they may seem.


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