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GIFT OF THE DAY: Nudo Infused Olive Oil

Delicious olive oil from Nudo, crushed with
your choice of six different fruits or herbs.
All it needs is a bow. Photo courtesy

Nudo means “bare” in Italian, referring to the extra-virgin olive oil that fills each attractive can.

But what we like best about Nudo is not the bare oil (which is lovely) but the crushed fruit and herbs that infuse the flavored oils with so much pizzazz.

Within hours of being picked, late harvest olives are stone-milled together with fresh-picked fruits and herbs. (Late harvest olives have a subtler flavor than early harvest olives, allowing the infused flavor to burst through.) Crushing the fruits/herbs with the olives provides much finer flavor than infusing the olive oil with an extract. That’s why Nudo is the real deal.

Choose from Basil, Chillie, Garlic, Lemon, Mandarin, Thyme or Original olive oil. We also like the pizzazz of the can decoration, which makes Nudo olive oil a charming small gift.

An 8.4-ounce can is $11.99 at

AND THERE’S MORE: You can also adopt an olive tree for a year ($109) and get all the oil produced from that tree shipped to you. See details on the website.


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