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COOKING VIDEO: How To Roast A Turkey

  Just two days to go until Thanksgiving! If you’re in charge of roasting the turkey and want a refresher course, Chef Scott Cutaneo shows you how to make a perfectly moist, roast turkey.

Chef Cutaneo works with a brined turkey. While this step is optional, if you have the time to include brining, the difference in tenderness and flavor will be worth it. Here’s last week’s video and guide to brining.

  • Learn the history of turkey while your bird roasts to a golden brown.
  • For a twist on the traditional: Using flavored butters on your bird or with side dishes is an easy way to add zest with flair. Here are six compound butter recipes for the holidays.
  • Get ready to turn those cold leftovers into a hot Turkey and Stuffing Casserole.

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