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GIFT OF THE DAY: Bacon Infused Caviar

You may not have to look to far to find someone who loves:

  • Bacon
  • Caviar
  • Any new and exciting food
  • We love all three, so of course we went gaga over “bacon and eggs” caviar—trout roe infused with applewood-smoked bacon.

    We’ve been enjoying it as an hor d’oeuvre, as a general food garnish, on boiled potatoes, on blini, straight from the jar, and of course, with scrambled eggs and bacon.

    Send as many ounces as you can afford, at $15.00/ounce. There’s also a $38.00 gift set that includes an ounce of the caviar, four ounces of smoked salmon, a caviar spoon and a package of bagel crisps. However we steer clear of eating delicate fish roe on hard, crunchy crackers. It’s not a good pairing.

    Check out the bacon caviar at

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    The “new” bacon and eggs. Photo courtesy
    California Caviar.

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