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PRODUCT: Jet Bag Wine Carrier/Protecter

The best way to pack wine in luggage.
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Are you leaving on a jet plane to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas? Post-9/11 security regulations prohibiting liquids have certainly plagued wine lovers.

But some people care about bringing (or taking home) a special bottle of wine so much, they’ll actually check it in luggage.

“Oh, we just roll the bottles up in our clothing,” and place them in the suitcase, we’ve been told by more than a few friends. We shake our head, remembering a bubble-wrapped bottle of Sauternes that leaked through the cork and the foil and soaked everything in our luggage (and scented the inside of the suitcase for a year).

Among all the options we have now to prevent this from happening, the leakproof Jet Bag seems the most convenient.

A bio-degradable carrier with a reusable zip seal closure, the Jet Bag completely secures your liquids. The material pads & protects your bottle and if it cracks, a baby diaper-type absorbent lining wicks up the liquid.

It can also be used to protect olive oil, vinegar, perfume and other liquids.

Purchase online at Three Jet Bags are $15; larger quantities are available if you want to give them as stocking stuffers.

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