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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Einkorn Pasta From Jovial Foods

Einkorn is nutty, chewy, flavorful and
healthier pasta. Photo courtesy Jovial Foods.

Twelve thousand years ago, man domesticated one of the first crops: wheat. This ancient wheat is very different from the wheat grown today. It is single grain, which means single kernels instead of double kernels on the spikes of the seed heads, the crowns at the top of the wheat stalk. Einkorn means “single grain” in German.

Over time, hybridization created the more prolific double-kernel wheat varieties, and einkorn ceased to be cultivated except in a few remote regions. But when the preserved remains of a Bronze Age man were found in Italy in 1991, scientists became interested in the einkorn he had eaten.

Following research, some farmers began growing this relict crop. Einkorn berries (kernels), einkorn flour and einkorn pasta are now available to consumers.

Why should you boil up a batch of einkorn pasta? Read the full review.

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