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TIP OF THE DAY: Serve Soup In Shots

A large bowl of soup can be a filling first course at dinner. A shot glass of soup gives a satisfying two sips and leaves room for other dishes.

It’s also a perky way to start off a meal. Simply fill shot glasses or small juice glasses with soup and add a garnish or two.

Here, the first garnish on the tomato soup is a dab of crème fraîche (substitute nonfat Greek yogurt or sour cream). It’s followed by a julienne of vegetables—carrot, turnip and zucchini—fresh or lightly steamed, which make a beautiful pattern. Microgreens add the final touch.

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    A glam soup shot. Photo courtesy, which sells plastic shot
    glasses and small party dishes.

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    1. Noushin said,

      November 3, 2010 @ 9:12 am

      Thanks a lot. Great idea!

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