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FOOD FACTS: French Toast History

Did you have French toast this weekend? It’s our favorite Sunday breakfast food.

We like it even better than pancakes and waffles—and it’s easier to make. For the simplest recipe, just whisk 1 cup of milk with 4 eggs and 1/4 teaspoon salt to make a batter. Place the batter in a shallow bowl or pie plate. Soak slices of white bread, brioche or challah (both sides) in the batter. Place in a frying pan and fry in melted butter over medium heat until golden brown. Serve with maple syrup.

French toast dates back at least to ancient Rome, where they served it topped with sugar and possibly honey. There were no sugar maple trees in the Old World; most likely, the Pilgrims were the first to enjoy their French toast with maple syrup.

Read the history of French toast, which includes three tasty stuffed French toast recipes.

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