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BOOKS: Best-Selling Cookbooks

America’s best-selling cookbook: it doesn’t
look mouth-watering, but that hasn’t
hindered sales.

The world’s oldest surviving cookbook is De Re Coquinaria, “On Cookery,” attributed to a first-century Roman epicurian named Marcus Gavius Apicius.

And it’s still in print—in the original Latin! The English translation is out of print and pricey, but the Kindle edition is just 99¢.

But what has guided America’s home cooks? Here are the three best-selling American cookbooks of all time:


Of course, the cookbooks have been updated over the years—pizza, tacos and wraps weren’t on the menu in 1930, for example. A number of the older versions are still in print as well.

Our mother relied on Fanny Farmer and Julia Child. How about yours?

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