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PRODUCT: Best White Chocolate

Get to know the world’s best white
chocolate. Photo by Claire Freierman |

Yesterday was National White Chocolate Day. Many people, including professionals, perpetuate the old news that “white chocolate isn’t real chocolate.”

But it is!

White chocolate was once not classified as chocolate by the FDA, because it has no cocoa solids (which make chocolate brown). That’s changed.

In 2002 the FDA agreed that the cocoa butter qualified it as true chocolate, and classified this ivory delight as chocolate. The other components are milk, sweetener such as sugar, vanilla and a drop of lecithin as an emulsifier.

White chocolate used to be classified with the chalk-white product called “confectionary coating.” This product, which is made with cheaper vegetable oil, milk and sugar, has no relation to chocolate (and in our opinion, doesn’t taste so terrific—if you think you don’t like white chocolate, you may have been eating confectionary coating.)


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