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TIP OF THE DAY: Filling A Peppermill

Tellicherry, the “Champagne” of black
Photo by B.A. Van Sise | THE NIBBLE.


There’s no question that freshly-ground pepper delivers exciting flavor, while pre-ground pepper tends to be flat.

That’s because the grinding process releases aromatic and palate-pleasing qualities that begin to dry out after they’re released. The spicy heat derives largely from the piperine compound, found both in the outer fruit (the black layer) and in the seed (the white ball underneath). The outer fruit layer also contains volatile oils that give pepper its scent.

Yet, it’s not easy filling a classic pepper grinders with those tiny peppercorns. Even with nimble fingers, peppercorns escape, sending us on a pepper chase.

One day, we decided to use a small kitchen funnel to fill the grinder. Voilà, a solution!

If you don’t have the right-size funnel, you can put the peppercorns into a plastic snack bag or sandwich bag and cut off a corner.

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