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PRODUCT: Mug Hug Mug Lid

The new Mug Hug promises to be a hit. It’s one of several variations of a reusable silicone sip-top lid for cups and mugs that we saw at the recent International Gift Show.

Most lids were combined with a ceramic mug, but Mug Hug can be purchased as a solo unit. It:

  • Keeps the beverage warmer.
  • Prevents spilling for mugs in transit.
  • Reduces the use of disposable plastic lids that are filling up landfills around the globe. Bring your “green” lid to the coffee shop and tell them to hold the disposable one.


Mug Hug is flexible and fits mugs and larger-size paper cups. It fits snugly on both our jumbo 12-ounce mugs and our 8-ounce cups that have a 3-1/4-inch-wide mouth, as well as on large paper coffee cups.

At $6.99, the Mug Hug may become one of the year’s most popular stocking stuffers. Find it at

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Keep coffee or tea hot with a Mug Hug. Photo courtesy Mug Hug.

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