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PRODUCT: Kitchen Tongs = Salad Tongs

Our Orka kitchen tongs go from counter
to table. (Color availability will vary.)

Many people use salad servers—a long fork-and-spoon set—to serve salad. They’re not the simplest utensils to use neatly.

Over time, the fork and spoon have been joined together by some manufacturers to create salad tongs. (Food tongs comprise two arms that are hinged or otherwise joined together, for seizing, holding or lifting foods.)

But do you need separate salad tongs? Given the attractiveness of some kitchen tongs (made for cooking, not serving), we don’t think so. Handsome kitchen tongs like these from Orka can be used for cooking or serving.

We ditched the salad servers and use a pair of kitchen tongs at THE NIBBLE table. Specifically, we use these Orka 12-inch stainless steel tongs with silicone tips. They’re the same tongs used to flip or lift food. They take up less space and add a high-tech look to the table.

Orka also makes “salad tongs”—two separate pieces of the fork/spoon variety (which should not be called tongs, per the definition above). But for a good grip and neater serving, we prefer the kitchen tongs. Try it with your kitchen tongs.


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