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For a few years now, verjus (vair-ZHOO) has been adopted in top culinary circles. But few consumers, even those who love to cook, know what it is.

Verjus is the juice pressed from unripe grapes. The name means green juice in French, but the product dates back to at least ancient Rome (where it was called acresta).

Used as a condiment or a recipe ingredient, it provides bright, fresh flavor without the harsh acidity of vinegar or lemon juice. It’s one of our favorite kitchen ingredients.

It’s also a great gift for anyone who loves to cook and for calorie counters.

  • Read the full review to learn why you should try healthy, low calorie and flavorful verjus.
  • You’ll also see why you should buy American verjus—like the Terra Sonoma verjus we used in our recipes—instead of imported products.
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Use verjus instead of vinegar or citrus on
salad and in many other recipes. Photo by Sarsmis | IST.

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