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RECIPE: Dirt Cake With Gummy Worms

Oops: National Gummy Worm Day, which was yesterday, flew by before we had a chance to post this recipe.

The dessert, “Dirt In A Box,” was created by Ruby Foo’s restaurant in Times Square, New York City. It’s a no-cook “dirt pudding” or trifle, decorated with Gummy Worms.

You can make the recipe more elaborate, or turn it into a dirt cake, by preparing it in a small casserole or cake pan. Our preference is to use a small, clean flowerpot (we ran ours through the dishwasher).

  • Get the recipe and plan to surprise your family. Just don’t wait a year until the next official Gummy Worms Day.
  • You’ll also learn the history of Gummy (Gummi) Worms.
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While we’d prefer a flowerpot, a box
works just fine. Photo courtesy Ruby Foo’s.

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