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TIP OF THE DAY: Fluffier Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of our favorite breakfast foods. In March we posted a tip for making fluffier scrambled eggs.

But our mother—who makes the fluffiest scrambled eggs—reminds us that we left out one important tip:

• Eggs at room temperature will take in more air than cold eggs. If you don’t have time to let them come to room temperature, put the whole eggs in a bowl and cover them with hot water for five minutes.

• Add a tablespoon of milk per two eggs. (Half and half or cream will make richer eggs—but scrambled eggs in butter are, in our opinion, rich enough.)


For fluffier scrambled eggs, beat in lots
of air. Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian | SXC.

• Beat vigorously. Mom used a hand beater; we use our electric egg beater. Restaurant cooks typically use a whisk.

• Don’t salt the beaten eggs (salt toughens eggs); wait until they have set in the pan before sprinkling with salt.

• If you have herbs, add them to the mix. We love snipping tiny bits of chive into our scrambled eggs. And if you have any shreds of smoked salmon to add… (Fade in Fred Astaire singing, “Heaven, I’m in heaven….”)*

Find more egg recipes and tips in our Eggs Section.

*From “Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin.

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