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TIP OF THE DAY: Berry Good Sauces

Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry toppings
from BlackberryPatch.com. Photo by Hannah
Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

Berry sauces—blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry—are becoming popular as pancake and waffle toppers. They’re a fruity alternative to maple syrup.

But don’t stop there. The fruity sauces also enhance:

• Blintzes and omelets
• Breads (toast, biscuits, muffins, scones)
• Fruit salads
• Yogurt

Beyond breakfast, berry sauces can complement baked Brie and serve as a glaze for roasted chicken, pork and grilled fish.

For dessert, drizzle them over ice cream or sorbet. Serve them warm or at room temperature over cobblers, pastries, tarts and pound cakes.

All this from one little bottle!

Think hard enough, and almost every food product becomes a multitasker.

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