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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Tony Boffa’s Famous Home Made Tomato Sauce

There’s lots of tomato sauce on the shelves, but look at the ingredients panel: Most of it is chock full of sugar/HFCS and salt.

Antonio Boffa emigrated from Italy after World War II, opened a restaurant in 1951 and made his sauces the old-fashioned way: with the best ingredients, bursting with flavor, without need for sugar and salt.

While son Tony joined the restaurant business, grandson Tom decided to take the family tradition in a new direction: marketing the family sauce at retail.

We taste a lot of sauces each year; few get to be Top Picks Of The Week. Tony Boffa is welcome in our home (and office) anytime. Retailers: Welcome him to your shelves!

There are currently four varieties:

• Marinara Sauce, the classic with basil and garlic.
• Meat Sauce, with lots of ground beef and pork sausage.
• Tomato Sauce, flavored with beef and pork fat.
• Vodka Sauce, done to creamy perfection and alas, given the higher calorie and fat count, our favorite.

Tony Boffa’s fine sauces elevate everyday
pasta. Photo by Trutenka | IST.

Six jars (the standard website order) makes a great Father’s Day gift.

Read the full review. It includes more than 30 ways to use these sauces beyond topping your pasta—although topping pasta is a great way to start.

Find more of our favorite sauces, pastas in recipes in our Gourmet Pasta section.


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