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TIP OF THE DAY: Uses For Excess Nougat

Delicious nougat from PistaciaVera.com.

Nougat is a confection made of egg whites, toasted almonds or other nuts, and sugar or honey. Gourmet nougat is appearing on the scene.

If you’re given a gift of nougat and you’re not inclined to devour the box, what to do with it?

• You can store it in the refrigerator for longer life.

• Serve pieces like petit fours, with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

• Toast it like marshmallows and make nougat s’mores.

• Chip it and use it as a dessert garnish on ice cream, puddings and anything with whipped cream.


To make nougat chips, freeze the nougat overnight, then chip into small pieces. Refreeze the chips and add the frozen chips just before serving the dessert. Don’t thaw frozen nougat; it will destabilize.

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