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PRODUCT: Stonehouse 27 Indian Simmer Sauces

Like Indian food? Would you like an easy way to prepare it at home?

Stonehouse 27 cooking sauces are a boon for anyone who enjoys Indian flavors and would like to enjoy them more often.

From-scratch Indian cooking is time-consuming, but much of that time goes into the preparation of flavorful sauces, in which meat, fish and vegetables are then simmered.

Stonehouse 27’s line of Indian cooking sauces, also known as simmer sauces, make it easy to prepare delicious main courses: Just add meat and/or vegetables and simmer for 30-40 minutes. While it’s cooking, make the rice.

This is also healthier Indian cuisine. It’s all-natural and gluten-free with no added salt. The recipes use heart-healthy canola oil instead of the saturated fats; and diabetic-friendly, low-glycemic agave nectar instead of refined sugar.

The flavors—Dates and Tamarind, Tamarind and Garlic, Tomato and Chilies, Cashews and Cream, and Cilantro and Coconut curries—have varying degrees of heat and are flexible to be used with meat/fish or vegetarian. Most varieties are vegan; two varieties are vegetarian.


Turn out Indian fare with ease, with
Stonehouse 27 cooking sauces. Photo by Yuliya Gorodetskaya | Fotolia.

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