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FOOD HOLIDAY: National Salsa Month

Photo by Bluestocking | IST.

May is National Salsa Month, honoring America’s most popular condiment: Since the early 1991, more salsa has been sold than ketchup!

Salsa is the Spanish word for a sauce of finely chopped vegetables, that dates back to the ancient Aztecs. Red salsas are tomato-based, green salsas are tomatillo-based and there are dozens of different types of both.

Fruit salsas, such as cherry, mango, peach and pineapple, are a modern invention, enjoyable with grilled meats and breakfast eggs.

  • See the many different types of salsa in our Salsa Glossary.
  • Learn the history of salsa, which was first taken from a homemade Mexican-American product to a bottled grocery store product by Texan Dave Pace, in 1947.
  • Salsa goes global: Check out spins on salsa, including Indian and Southeast Asian recipe ideas.
  • Two recipes for cooking with salsa: Manicotti and Pork Tacos.

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