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TIP OF THE DAY: Tequila Shots For Cinco De Mayo or July 4th

Margarita mix is the best-selling cocktail mix in America. It’s easy to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Margarita.

This year, forget the Margarita mix and offer Bandera Tequila Shots. “Bandera” means flag in Spanish; the drink comprises three shots in the color of the Mexican flag: green, white and red.

Bandera Tequila Shots Recipe
Shake and strain each ingredient into separate shot glasses:

1. For green shot: 1 part blanco tequila. If you want to make the lime shot more green like the flag, add a drop of food color.

2. For white shot: 1 part lime juice/1 part blanco tequila.

3. For red shot: 2 parts blanco tequila, and 1 part tomato juice.

You can set up the different-colored shots on a bar or table, or make them “to order.”

July 4th Tequila Shots: To turn this into Red, White & Blue tequila shots for July 4th, use a drop of blue food color instead of green food color in Step 1.

Thanks to Tequila Cazadores for this fun idea.

Learn about the different types of tequila.



These tequila shots salute the Mexican
flag. Photo courtesy Tequila Cazadores.

If you insist upon Margaritas, here are recipes for original, classic and frozen Margaritas and a frozen black grape Margarita.

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