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CINCO DE MAYO: Rock The Guac

Make an eye-opening guacamole for Cinco de Mayo:

Add small-diced mango to your regular guacamole recipe. It’s a tasty new take on a classic.

If you’re concerned that some people won’t like the succulent, sweet accent, just add the mango to the perimeter of the bowl (as a garnish) instead of mixing it in; dippers can scoop it up or not.

Otherwise, mix the mango into the guacamole and see who’s first to guess what the flavorsome new ingredient is.

  • Here’s a guacamole recipe from a top French Chef, Laurent Tourondel, of New York City’s BLT Market.
  • The mango guacamole recipe would be great in this Guacamole Chicken Salad recipe.


    Snazz up your guacamole with mango.
    Photo courtesy Wikimedia.

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