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TIP OF THE DAY: Lobster Caesar Salad

Looking for something special to serve for Mother’s Day or other occasion?

Make the ever-popular Caesar salad into an elegant first course or main dish by adding lobster.

1. You’ll need two cooked 2-pound lobsters for 4 luncheon servings or 6 first courses.

2. Slice the tail meat lengthwise to place atop the salad; the claw meat can be tossed with the romaine.

3. You can also add 2 cups of peeled, coarsely grated celery root or parsnip to the tossed romaine.

Here’s the traditional Caesar Salad recipe and the history of caesar salad.

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Can’t afford lobster? Go for chicken or rare-
grilled salmon. Photo © Okea | Dreamstime.


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