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TIP OF THE DAY: Maximize That Citrus Juice

Roll ’em. Photo by Cynthia Berridge | SXC.

Before cutting a lemon, lime or orange, whether to juice it or to cut a wedge or wheel for a beverage, try these two tricks (either one works on its own; together they help maximize juice you can squeeze):

Trick #1

Zap the citrus in the microwave for ten seconds. This activates the juice in the sacs so it’s ready to burst forth when juiced.

Trick #2

Next, press down on the whole citrus and roll it for another 15 seconds or more on the kitchen counter or a cutting board.

This applies pressure that releases more juice from the sacs.

You’ll get more juice for your recipe or a bigger squeeze of juice from the wedge.

Save The Zest
You can zest the citrus before or after juicing, and toss fresh zest into salads, onto cooked vegetables, in soups, cookie and cake recipes, cocktails, the pickle jar—just about anything.

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