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PRODUCT: Truffled Popcorn

Popcorn is a whole grain and a healthy snack. Is that why at food trade shows, there are always crowds mobbing the Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn table (and these are professional buyers)?

We compared Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn to 479° Black Truffle & White Cheddar Popcorn, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

If you’re a truffle fan, you’ll want to read the review—not just to see the differences in the popcorn (both are delish) but to understand that not all “black Périgord truffles” are created equal.

After many years of attempts, scientists finally succeeded in cultivating the fab $1,500-a-pound fungi, which grow wild in France’s Périgord region, elsewhere.

But just as the same variety of wine grapes, coffee beans and other agricultural products have the distinct flavors of the areas in which they’re grown, so does Tuber melanosporum, the black Périgord truffle.

Read the details in the full review.


A dusting of the truffle and truffle salt makes
Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn an extra-luxurious
snack. Photo by Jerry Deutsch | THE NIBBLE.

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