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TIP OF THE DAY: Switch To Sorbet For Earth Day


We’re just as happy with sorbet. Photo
courtesy Wine Cellar Sorbets, a NIBBLE Top
Pick Of The Week


Want to help the planet…and your waistline?

If your family loves ice cream and consumes a reasonable amount of it, switch to sorbet.

Sorbet has no milk or cream, which means it’s dairy-free. Why is that important for Earth Day (and every day)? Cows and other livestock create more greenhouse gas than all motor vehicles and trains combined.*

Dairy-free means sorbet is also cholesterol-free. It’s also fat-free, and has fewer calories than ice cream.

And, the pretty colors look like jewels served in a martini glass or wine goblet (with an optional sprinkling of berries). If a local shop sells handmade ice cream, you may find special sorbet flavors bursting with vitamin-rich, seasonal fresh fruit.

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  • *The details: Manure contains methane, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and has created global warming. Every animal dropping emits methane into the atmosphere. The less meat and dairy products we eat, and the fewer animals raised to provide them, the less greenhouse gas.

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