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TIP OF THE DAY: Know Your Hams


A boneless, hickory-smoked ham from

When we were an agrarian society, every farm or homestead had its own smokehouse to smoke the family’s food. In the days before refrigeration, smoked food was a key way to preserve meat and fish.

Over Lent, when no pork was consumed, hams were left to cure. The hams were ready by Easter, and ham became a popular Easter tradition.

Today, many households look forward to their “Easter ham,” but the decision is more complex: There is quite an array of different ham types and styles.

Do you know your ham? If not, you might not be purchasing the type that’s best for you. You need to know why:

  • You’d want a bone-in ham over a boneless ham, or vice versa.
  • If a spiral cut ham is your best bet.
  • If you should consider a fresh ham versus a cured ham.
  • If you’d prefer a city ham or a country ham.


Even if you’ve already purchased your Easter ham, there’s lots to learn for your next ham. Read our article on ham types and you won’t be hamstrung.

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