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EASTER: Chocolate Bunnies New School

We’ve gotten to the point where that adorable chocolate Easter bunny just isn’t the temptation he used to be. Old School music rocks, but Old School chocolate is a “been there, ate that.”

We’re going New School with this Bunny Collection edition of the always-welcome Edible Chocolate Box from Charles Chocolates. The chocolate box is filled with Fleur de Sel caramels. How tasty is that?

The lid is of the box (white chocolate) is adorned with a cool Easter bunny and Bunny Jr. Inside the box (made of dark chocolate) are chocolate-covered caramels featuring the bunnies and their neighbors, the Easter chicks.

After you eat the caramels, you eat the box; so you’re guaranteed to get your solid chocolate fix.

The 17 ounces of chocolate make a spectacular gift. But spectacles don’t come cheap: This one is $60.00; 20 pieces of bunny and chick caramels in a blue gift box are $34.00.

Buy it online at


Please hop down our bunny trail!
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TIP OF THE DAY: Rock The Rice


Rice with saffron, scallion and sausage bits.
Photo courtesy National Pork Board.

You can serve rice a different way each day of the month and never run out of ideas.

Think of it this way: on Mondays mix a different fresh herb into the rice. On Tuesdays cook it in a different tea, or add bits of leftover meat, fish, veggies and/or green onion (think Chinese fried rice). On Wednesdays mix in a different salsa or chutney. On Thursdays try a different spice. On Fridays stir in a different dried fruit.

On Saturdays, choose a different type of gourmet rice—arborio, California mochi, Indian basmati, black rice, Bhutanese red rice, brown long grain, Thai jasmine, japonica, kalijira, wild rice (which isn’t a botanical rice, but a seed).

On Sundays, dress up the rice with nuts or a fruit-and-nut mix (fresh or dried fruit: raisins or dried cherries, for example).

We love rockin’ the rice!

You can also reward yourself every now and then with a delicious rice pudding—made from whatever rice you like!


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PRODUCT & FREE SAMPLE: CoverMate Stretch-To-Fit Food Covers

Are you a big user of plastic wrap? It’s not the greenest product in the kitchen: Use it once, throw it away and let it sit in the landfill for an eternity.

CoverMate has a solution. Its Stretch-to-Fit Food Covers are a heavier grade of plastic with a stretch band that easily covers any shape of bowls, pans or plate. They are BPA- and latex-free. The best way to describe them is to think of a shower cap that keeps the flavor in.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the inventor was inspired by hotel shower caps. We’re only perturbed that, given the number of unused shower caps we’ve brought home from hotels, we didn’t think of using them in the kitchen!

More importantly, this heavy-duty clear wrap can be washed and reused over and over again. Use them to cover plates of food, bowls, casseroles, cakes and pies, platters, melons, drink pitchers and ice buckets. They also keep bugs off the picnic and barbecue food.

There’s even a small size that covers open cans of food! And, the covers are microwavable—no more food splatters!

We’ve been trying the Variety Pack, an assortment of three sizes. They work for just about anything, even a cut raw onion, which we typically store in an airtight container to contain the aroma.



Reusable “plastic wrap” covers make us feel
greener. Photo courtesy

You can get a FREE SAMPLE PACK—well, free with $3.95 shipping, but it’s a good deal as you get all four sizes plus a $1.00 coupon for your next purchase.

Get your sample pack at

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TIP OF THE DAY: Egg-cellent Scrambled Eggs


Ready for brunch: Scrambled eggs with our
favorite mix-ins. Photo © California
Asparagus Commission.

To make fluffier scrambled eggs, add up to 5 teaspoons of milk per egg.

As the eggs cook, the milk turns into steam, puffing up the eggs! The milk also adds a richer flavor to the eggs.

We’re about to make some for brunch with “mix-ins.” You can mix in anything you like. To celebrate spring, we’re going for asparagus, with grape tomatoes and feta cheese.

Find more egg tips and recipes in our Eggs Section.

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PASSOVER: Make Matzo Brei

Passover begins tomorrow night at Sundown.

We have an excuse to make some of our favorite Passover specialty dishes:

  • Matzo Brei, or fried matzo. Our favorite variation is onion and smoked salmon matzo brei, but we have 8 variations for you, both sweet and savory.
  • This Veggie Matzo Brie is a matzo frittata, with carrots, broccoli, cheese and optional pesto sauce.
  • For dessert and snacks, we love Caramel Matzo Buttercrunch, a buttery delight with chocolate and optional chopped nuts and fleur de sel. Even if you’re not Jewish or celebrating Passover, you should whip up a batch.


Don’t forget the chicken soup and matzo balls.


Veggie Matzo Brei, the 8th variation of our
matzo brei recipes. Photo courtesy Cabot Creamery.

The Manishewitz Matzo Ball Mix is an easy shortcut with the dry ingredients pre-measured as a time saver. It makes matzo balls as good as Mom’s if you (a) add three eggs instead of two, (b) use schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) instead of vegetable oil and (c) refrigerate them for a day before serving (keep them apart from the soup).

But to make matzo balls as good as ours, you’ll also need to add a tablespoon of chopped parsley, dill or a combination of both, to the batter.


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