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PRODUCT & FREE SAMPLE: CoverMate Stretch-To-Fit Food Covers

Are you a big user of plastic wrap? It’s not the greenest product in the kitchen: Use it once, throw it away and let it sit in the landfill for an eternity.

CoverMate has a solution. Its Stretch-to-Fit Food Covers are a heavier grade of plastic with a stretch band that easily covers any shape of bowls, pans or plate. They are BPA- and latex-free. The best way to describe them is to think of a shower cap that keeps the flavor in.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the inventor was inspired by hotel shower caps. We’re only perturbed that, given the number of unused shower caps we’ve brought home from hotels, we didn’t think of using them in the kitchen!

More importantly, this heavy-duty clear wrap can be washed and reused over and over again. Use them to cover plates of food, bowls, casseroles, cakes and pies, platters, melons, drink pitchers and ice buckets. They also keep bugs off the picnic and barbecue food.

There’s even a small size that covers open cans of food! And, the covers are microwavable—no more food splatters!

We’ve been trying the Variety Pack, an assortment of three sizes. They work for just about anything, even a cut raw onion, which we typically store in an airtight container to contain the aroma.



Reusable “plastic wrap” covers make us feel
greener. Photo courtesy

You can get a FREE SAMPLE PACK—well, free with $3.95 shipping, but it’s a good deal as you get all four sizes plus a $1.00 coupon for your next purchase.

Get your sample pack at

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