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TIP OF THE DAY: Sorbet Easter Eggs


Instead of a traditional sorbet presentation,
shape balls of sorbet into oval egg shapes
and serve in a “nest.” Photo courtesy Wine
Cellar Sorbets
, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The

For a quick and delicious dessert, scoop sorbet in three Easter colors (orange or mango, raspberry or strawberry and lime or kiwi, for example) into oblong-shaped “Easter eggs.”

To shape the sorbet into egg shapes:

1. Use plastic gloves or put your hands into thin plastic bags from the produce section.

2. Let the “eggs” freeze hard on a tray covered with plastic wrap, until serving time.

3. Put one “egg” of each color on a plate and sprinkle with jelly beans. You can also use a meringue “nest” or create a nest of lettuce cups.

4. Serve with tiny cookies, such as Byrd’s Key Lime Coolers and Razzberry Tarts.

5. You can do the same with ice cream or frozen yogurt, but it’s harder to find three bright colors.

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