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TIP OF THE DAY: Storing Salad Greens


You can pull a salad together in a snap if
you store cleaned greens. Photo courtesy

If you’ve washed salad greens but haven’t used them all, here’s how to store them for longevity. The same technique also helps you to prepare a salad the day before, so you can have a bowl of greens ready-to-dress, in just a minute.

1. Line a plastic bag with paper towels and gently insert lettuce, spinach or other greens.

2. Seal the bag, carefully pushing out any excess air as you close it. Refrigerate the bag.

3. Alternatively, if you have room in the fridge, you can line a bowl with paper towels, insert the greens and seal with plastic wrap (or use a bowl with an airtight lid).

Clean, dry lettuce will stay fresh for several days, and often as long as a week; other greens may have more or less time. That’s why it’s best to refrigerate each type of green separately, since they’ll wilt at different rates.

However, if you have tossed salad greens that aren’t already dressed, use this technique to refrigerate the salad.

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