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TIP OF THE DAY: Free Flavored Water


Hint flavored water makes a colorful,
calorie-free Easter gift. Photo courtesy

Did you know that after you consume a bottle of water, you can get a second bottle for free?

Just refill the bottle with tap water. You’ll get a second infusion of the flavors still clinging to the inside of the bottle! Some brands even provide a third, milder infusion of flavor.

Then, refill the bottle to carry your regular supply water to give the plastic bottle as much of a life on earth as possible, before it gets recycled.

By the way, sugar-free flavored water is a nice Easter gift idea for friends and family who are on strict diets. Put the bottles in a basket, and be sure to include Hint water, which often gives that third infusion.

Hint water comes in “spring flavors” such as Blackberry, Honeydew Hibiscus, Mango Grapefruit and Raspberry Lime—a total of 10 choices. For a dieter or a healthy eater, they’ll be more appreciated than a bag of colorful jelly beans.

The waters will also be a hit at the Easter dinner table.

Read our review of Hint, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week, and order it online at DrinkHint.com.

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