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FOOD HOLIDAYS: Sign Up For The Daily Tweet

You might not be aware that March is:

– National Celery Month
– National Flour Month
– National Frozen Food Month
– National Nutrition Month
– National Noodle Month
– National Peanut Month
– National Sauce Month
– National Caffeine Awareness Month

In addition to the declaration of entire months as food holidays, almost every day of the year has its own food holiday—for example, today, March 1st, is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.

While we used to publish all of the holidays in this blog, they’re now part of THE NIBBLE’s Tweetstream. Sign up for them at

These holidays are part of a long article on monthly food holidays that we created in 2005, and are among the most popular of the 20,000 pages on (More than a few people have begun tweeting on the same topic after seeing ours.)


It’s National Caffeine Awareness Month.
Become more aware in our Coffee Glossary. Photo by Mac Pale | SXC.

You can see the entire Food Holiday list (with an overview of how days become designated as particular food holidays), with a click-through to a related article or recipe. Or enjoy it Tweet by Tweet.


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