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Archive for February 13, 2010

VALENTINE’S DAY: Red Cocktail Ideas


Mix up some passion for Valentine’s Day.
Photo courtesy Grey Goose.

You still haven’t found your perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail? We’re here to help!

How about something red? Something vodka? Something sexy? And delicious, of course!

Try the Lovesicle, Midnight Moment or Pair-tini from Grey Goose. All blend infused vodka (pear or orange) with Valentine flavors, including passion fruit purée, red grapefruit juice, vanilla liqueur and a liqueur called Parfait Amour, based on a Curaçao base.

Check out the cocktail recipes.

For a fun Valentine’s Day party, let guests invent their own “love cocktail” and name the winner. Be prepared with a large-size (3 liters or more) of at least one base spirit like vodka, plus all of the liqueurs and mixers required to let contestants evoke their inner mixologists.

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TIP OF THE DAY: Portabella Eggs Benedict

Plan for a special Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch tomorrow.

Eggs Benedict are a popular choice. Put a twist on them by placing the eggs on a yummy portabella mushroom instead of the toast.

You can have toast, of course: Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out “croutons” from slices of toast. Put one crouton atop each of the eggs.

Add a few raspberries and/or strawberries to the plate for some Valentine’s Day color.

And perhaps some rosé Champagne or sparkling rosé wine?


Portabella Eggs Benedict. Photo courtesy of
the Mushroom Council.


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