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How cute are these ganache-filled penguins?
And more delicious than most chocolate.
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The kids on your Valentine’s Day list will be happy with just about anything that’s chocolate. It’s easy to pick up a gift at the drug store or even the supermarket.

But if you have a discriminating child—or you’d like to cultivate one—take a look at our Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

You’ll find the best:

  • Heart-shaped cookies and brownies from Eleni’s Cookies
  • Browniepops on a stick
  • Chocolate peanut butter delights from Jer’s Handmade Chocolates
  • Burdick Chocolate’s adorable chocolate mice and penguins (see photo)
  • The Valentine’s Day version of black and white cookies


They’re pink and white, of course, and inscribed with love messages (Kiss Me, Be Mine).

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