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Archive for February 3, 2010

TIP OF THE DAY: Homemade Soup


Chicken tortilla soup combines chicken, corn,
grated cheese, garlic, onion and tortilla
chips. Who wouldn’t want a big bowl?
Photo courtesy Cabot Creamery.

February 4th is Homemade Soup Day. Last year, we spoke of homemade soup as an elegant option for entertaining.

In the current economy, look at it as a delicious and inexpensive meal alternative, served along with a salad and a fine loaf of bread (try something different each time—a country loaf, nut bread, semolina, sourdough, etc.).

Make your own favorite recipe or choose from our soup recipes—everything from Chicken Corn Tortilla Soup to Creamy Seafood Chowder to Spicy Hot Potato Soup.

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REFERENCE: Types Of Duck

Do you know the difference between Pekin duck and Peking duck? Or why you’d choose a Moulard versus a Mallard?

Most consumers don’t know why they might choose a Muscovy over a Magret. That’s why we created a Duck Glossary.

Duck lovers: Here’s your chance to become an arbiter of duck terms. You’ll also find a recipe for Chinese Five-Spice Duck, plus duck-cooking tips.


Who am I? Most roast duck is Pekin, or
“Long Island” duckling. Photo courtesy
Maple Leaf Farms.

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