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SUPER BOWL: Calorie-Saving Menu

We’re two weeks away from Super Bowl Sunday, a day where the snack planning is as important as the guest list.

Those snacks can add 1,000 calories or more to your day; and each beer is 150-170 calories per 8-ounce portion (porter and stout have higher calories).

Here are some tips to save calories on favorite Super Bowl snacks. They’re provided by THE NIBBLE and health and fitness expert Dr. Eric Plasker, best-selling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout.

  • Check out the calorie-saving ideas.
  • See all of our low-calorie favorites in THE NIBBLE’s Diet Foods Section.


    Whole grain Mary’s Gone Crackers with olive
    spread, hummos, and Greek yogurt/smoked salmon.

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