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PRODUCT: Caring Candies’ Sugar-Free, Kosher & Tasty Treats


All-natural, sugar-free lollipops from
Caring Candies taste as good as they look.
Photo courtesy Caring Candies.


Love candy but can’t have sugar? On a diet but need sweet treats?

Caring Candies is the new sugar-free line in town (it’s imported from South Africa). It’s sweet stuff for people who can’t have regular sugar.

The sugar-free candies are excellent, with beautiful colors and no off flavors (they’re not as sugary as regular candy, which is just fine in our book).

There are delicious lollipops for kids and hard candies (bonbons) for adults, including “sours” for both.

The line is diabetes-friendly, tooth-friendly, all-natural and certified kosher.

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