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TIP OF THE DAY: Lower Calorie Sauces

Another low-calorie tip:

Mix condiments with nonfat yogurt to create tasty, low-calorie, creamy dressings, dips and sauces.

While flavored mustards, pestos, salsas and savory chutneys are delicious low-calorie flavor-enhancers by themselves, transforming them into a creamy sauce adds versatility to your dishes.

Using nonfat yogurt for a sauce base adds few calories compared with cream or sour cream. However, yogurt will separate when heated, so if you want a warm sauce, have the yogurt at room temperature and warm it ever-so-slightly.


This low-calorie citrus-yogurt dip is a better
choice for crab cakes than a fat-filled, mayo-
based dip. Photo courtesy of Zabars.com.

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