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TIP OF THE DAY: Artful Candy


With the face of Santa, poinsettias and
stars, these earn the name, “art candy.”
Photo courtesy Hammond’s Candies.

Pretty candies in a beautiful candy dish do double duty as an objet d’art—something not just to eat, but to admire.

In honor of National Hard Candy Day, today, find candies in shapes and colors that add interest to your decor, or that celebrate the season at hand.

For Christmas, old-fashioned “cut rock” hard candies—the ones with pictures in the center, known as art candy—are still made by Hammond’s Candies.

Like the ship in the bottle, people marvel at how the designs—for example, tiny Santas, Christmas trees, gold stars and poinsettias—get into the small pieces of candy. Each hand-made piece is a little work of edible art.

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