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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Milk & Krunchies “Adult” Rice Krispies Treats


DJ AM’s Toffee Mix, the late DJ’s favorite
flavor. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE

Somewhere along the line, the original Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats recipe got corrupted. We have eaten some god-awful “gourmet” versions of Rice Krispies Treats—or at least, eaten half a bite before seeking out the nearest waste basket.

We figured that if [names of well-known stores withheld for the sake of good public relations] put them on the shelves, they had to be good. We would like to introduce these retailers—and every retailer—to Milk & Krunchies, a company that knows how to do it right.

As you can guess, when the charming box of pretty gourmet rice crispy treats arrived from Milk & Krunchies (the revised spellings steer clear of Kellogg’s trademark), we did not rush to devour them. But once we began, we couldn’t stop. These delicious updates of the classics, in basic and three flavor, with more on the way, are classy snacks and gifts.

  • Join us as we revisit Rice Krispies Treats, now a crispy adult treat that you may elect to share with deserving children—if you feel you can spare a bite. Read the full review.


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