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GIFTS: Kitchen Gift Ideas


What items did we add to THE NIBBLE’s
kitchen this year? Check ‘em out! No, not
these! Photo by Luca Baroncini | SXC.

Here’s the first of our kitchen gift lists: Kitchen Gifts Under $35. In fact, some are as inexpensive as under-$10 stocking stuffers!

These gifts aren’t necessarily glamorous, but they’re the most useful items we tested this year. In fact, 90% of the products we test are donated to good causes. We liked these on our “gift list” so much that we kept them as part of THE NIBBLE’s test kitchen.

  • Take a look to see what we “gave ourselves” as gifts this year.

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GIFTS: THE NIBBLE’s Holiday Gift Recommendations

Here’s the first of our holiday gift lists—Stocking Stuffers Part 1—Savory Gifts.

Later today, the sweet stocking stuffers will be posted. The great thing about these gifts is how inexpensive they are!

This week, we’ll be posting more gift lists:

– Books
– Chocolate & Candy
– Cookies & Cake
– Diet Gourmet
– General Gourmet
– Green/Organic Gifts
– Kids’ Gifts
– Kitchen Appliances
– Kitchenware
– Kosher Gifts
– Wine & Spirits

Stay tuned!


Give all of your potato chip-loving friends a
handsome reproduction box of the original
potato chips, invented in Saratoga, New York
in 1853. A fun and delicious gift for less than
$5! Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

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TIP OF THE DAY: Celebrate National French Toast Day


Celebrate National French Toast Day!
Photo courtesy

November 28th is National French Toast Day, so celebrate! This tasty treat is usually made with plain white bread, but some people enjoy it even more made with challah, brioche, cinnamon swirl bread or raisin bread.

1. Beat an egg with some milk, soak the bread thoroughly in the mixture and fry in butter on both sides.
2. If you’re up to it, try caramelizing the toast with extra butter and sugar in a hot pan.
3. For a special twist, serve with an infused maple syrup from Moosewood Hollow, like Sweet Chai, Sweet Ginger, Sweet Autumn (a blend of sweet spices and vanilla), or, for those who like a touch of chile, Sweet Heat.

While pure maple syrup is lower glycemic than “pancake syrup,” agave syrup has less than half the glycemic index of maple syrup. For a sugar-free topping, use your favorite artificial sweetener in fat-free yogurt.

  • Coffee lovers can try our recent Top Pick Of The Week, Java & Co. coffee syrups, multi-purpose syrups for coffee, pancakes and desserts, infused with brewed coffee.
  • See our review of Moosewood Hollow infused maple syrups, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. Both make great holiday gifts.

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PRODUCT: Love Bacon? Love The Best!

Continue your enjoyment of good food this holiday weekend with some really good bacon.

If you love bacon and love eating the best foods in general, then spend a little more for truly great bacon. With a specialty food brand, you get more meat, better meat, less fat and less salt, providing a truly superior bacon experience.

We love the bacon from Edwards, D’Artagnan (which also has boar and duck bacon), Niman Ranch and Nueske’s.

All of them are available online and at specialty food stores nationwide. For everyday eating, it’s easy for us to pick up Niman Ranch bacon at our local Whole Foods Market.

While not certified organic, Niman Ranch meats are raised on family farms on sustainable land, without hormones or antibiotics. Uncured, the bacon has no nitrites or nitrates. It’s available in Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon, Uncured Canadian Bacon, Uncured Chipotle Bacon, Uncured Maple Bacon and Uncured Pepper Bacon.

We loved them all, although we felt the package of Chipotle we bought might have been mislabled—there wasn’t any chipotle flavor heat. It was still great bacon, though! We’ll pick up another package and try again.


Treat your taste buds to truly great bacon.
Photo courtesy

  • Read about more of our favorite gourmet, organic and natural meat products in our Gourmet Meats Section.


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TIP OF THE DAY: Make A Stuffing Omelet With Leftovers


What should you do with your leftover stuffing? Make a delicious omelet or cheese omelet for breakfast!

1. Beat two eggs and melt 1/2 tablespoon butter in a nonstick pan.
2. Add the eggs and let them set; then add 1/3 cup stuffing and a slice of cheese (we like fresh mozzarella) to one half of the pan.
3. Gently flip the other half of the omelet over, and cook to the desired consistency.
4. You could pour gravy on your omelet or top it with some fresh chopped tomatoes, but a garnish of cranberry sauce might taste even better.

You can also add other leftovers. Here, we paired our sausage stuffing with asparagus and chopped up some tomatoes that didn’t make it into the salad.

As you’re relaxing over your omelet, print our Egg Glossary and peruse the different types of eggs.


An omelet from Thanksgiving leftovers. Yum!
Photo courtesy

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