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TIP OF THE DAY: Oil Spritz

For ease in pan frying, put your cooking oil in an oil mister—you can find one in any housewares store. You’ll get a better flavor than with Pam, you won’t be using chemical propellant and you’ll use much less oil than by pouring it the pan from the bottle. We have four misters filled with different Salute Santé grapeseed oils: regular, garlic, lemon and hot chili, to variously impart flavors to our food (some days we like eggs with garlic, some days with lemon, some days with a jolt of chili). Grapeseed oil has one of the highest smoke points, 485°F, so fry away!

  • Learn more about grapeseed oil in our review of Salute Santé, a Top Pick Of The Week. Their unflavored grapeseed oil is certified kosher.


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