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PRODUCT: Donsuemor’s Financiers

Who wouldn’t like a delicious financier—and we don’t mean a good-looking guy (or gal) with lots of money.

Donsuemor, known for its madeleines, has introduced a wonderful new little treat, the financier, or French almond cake. Fragrant, soft and moist with crisp fluted edges, these wonderful bites are just right with coffee, tea, milk or hot chocolate. Serve them instead of cookies or as part of a mixed cookie plate.

Financiers were created by a baker named Lasne in the financial district of Paris in the 1890s. Named for the rich financiers who frequented his bakery, Lasne created the little unglazed cake as finger food, to be enjoyed without utensils, and to be non-crumbly—no risk to the suit, shirt or tie of the nibbler. They were traditionally baked in the shape of gold bars.



Financiers or French almond cakes are a delicious treat for cake lovers. Photo courtesy of

Financiers are as rich as the bankers they were named for. Made with pure and simple ingredients—ground almonds, butter, sugar, flour and eggs—they are purely and simply delicious. $17.00 for a box of 20 or $20 for a gift box, they’re individually wrapped for portion control. It’s what we want dropped in our trick-or-treating basket.

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