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FOOD HOLIDAY: National Mushroom Month

September is National Mushroom Month, which made us wonder: Is there a logical way to choose which types of mushrooms go best in which types of dishes?

We posed this question to the Mushroom Council and they gave us valuable mushroom pairing tips. We’ve included them in a new article along with mushroom buying tips and six delicious mushroom recipes.

One of our favorite recipes for carb counters is Portabella Eggs Benedict, which substitutes a nutritious portabella mushroom cap for the high-carb, nutritionally meager English Muffin (see it in the photo at right).

  • Go “mushroom hunting”: Read the article!
  • See more of the fabulous fungi in our Mushroom Glossary.


    When should you use a portabella versus a
    porcini? Find out in our latest mushroom article.

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