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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Alo Original Aloe Drink


Say “allo” to Alo Original Aloe Drink.

Most people know about aloe vera. It’s an attractive succulent plant that’s often kept on the kitchen windowsill because its sap is soothing to burns and cuts.

The same gel-like sap that has medicinal and cosmetic uses is also made into beverages and other foods, popular in Asia. They can be absolutely delicious—juicy, fruity and fun—they’re filled with chewy pieces of aloe pulp. The challenge over the years we’ve been tasting them in the U.S. has been that they’ve been limited to Asian grocery distribution.

Now, through an arrangement with Ito-en, maker of the Top Pick Teas’ Tea line of bottled teas that have wide distribution in premium food markets, you’ll be seeing more of Alo Original Alo Drink (it’s also available online). It’s a better sweet drink for kids, who will love the floating pieces of aloe pulp and the groovy colors, and it’s hip and sophisticated for adults. Alo is a juice drink, a cocktail mixer and can be frozen into popsicles.


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