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NEW PRODUCT: Oregon Dukkah ~ Dip Like An Egyptian!

Dip the bread in some olive oil, then in the
dukkah. And don’t forget the wine! Photo
by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.
Dukkah is a versatile Egyptian dry seasoning mixture of chopped nuts or chickpeas, plus a variety of flavorful seeds, spices and herbs. In the old days, the ingredients were ground together in a pestle; today, they can be pulsed in a food processor. Dukkah is an extremely popular snack in the culinary melting pot of New Zealand, where it’s a perfect snack pairing with the local wines. Cut up some bread, put some olive oil in a dish next to a dish of dukkah, dip the bread into both, and that’s your snack.

Dukkah can also season many different types of foods as a sprinkle, mix-in or crust. While food trend predictors have cited dukkah as a top new U.S. food flavor for the last couple of years, it hasn’t hit home yet. Let’s hope that Americans, hungry for something new and affordable, will take it to heart and table. Be the first in your neighborhood to discover dukkah; mix some up this weekend and invite the gang to bring the wine.

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